About Us

Jack Hunter, Justin Bussell and Mark Scheetz take on the task of watching new and old found footage films and giving you their unfiltered thoughts and opinions.

Jack Saint Hunter

A man of many talents that include a vocal range of 5 octaves, the ability to play over 6 instruments (without learning to read music) and having an ear to produce music of any genre, Jack has an eye to see what things can be. He is also the writer and director of his own found footage films, Paranoia Tapes and Paranoia Tape 2: Press Play.

Mark Scheetz

Mark Scheetz

Mark is also the host of Paranormal Punchers and PunchFarm podcasts and when he’s not behind a microphone he can be found developing websites and enjoying craft beers. He also wrote his first comic book based on his podcast Paranormal Punchers.

Justin Bussell (“JB”)

JB is a passionate fan of all things horror as well as music. He has also started his horror movie acting career with a role in Jack Saint Hunter’s Paranoia Tapes 4: Kennel House. When he’s not involved in a horror project, he can be found fabricating products that people use everyday.