Play Hooky

Play Hooky

(2012) 74min

Several movies come out of the independent circuit that hit a nerve with viewers, one of those movies is entitled, PLAY HOOKY. PLAY HOOKY is written by Frank S. Petrilli , Vincent Kulish and Jason Chester, directed  by Frank S. Petrilli. Frank and his team created something that most film makers would dream of; In fact, it’s one of those movies that if you know the behind the scenes on the film, it will make you enjoy the movie even more. This movie was filmed over the course of 7 days and made with no money. Everyone in this movie was basically volunteering their time to be apart of it. Another little tid-bit on this movie is that it has won several film festival awards and is the first movie to be part of , POLLY GRIND PRESENTS. POLLY GRIND PRESENTS is part of a film festival called, Polly Grind International Film Festival and is based in Las Vegas, Nv and headed by , Chad Clinton Freeman. These are some amazing accomplishment’s that most film makers would only dream about.  Now, let us dive into the official plot of , PLAY HOOKY:

Seniors play hooky from high school and get trapped in an abandoned Psychiatric Facility famous for hauntings, witchcraft and demonic possession.

FFW: The reason for this movie being found footage would be due to the camera and/or one of the final persons who is left alive, brings the footage to authorities and/or brings the footage to a friend. As always, someone has found the footage and is now viewable by the public(us). These kids are ditching school to have fun and they want to film it,. It makes perfect sense to why they would film it, but I always want to know how the footage got to the public. Why was the footage released, these are questions that rarely get answered during found footage movies.

FT: I was one of the first people to view this movie online. I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with the director after I watched it. I got a little insight to why things were done the way they were. Frank is a really nice guy and I can see why he is a filmmaker. A man of a million ideas, due to the success of this movie, it spawned a sequel. I’ll be discussing that movie in a later issue. I give this movie a full fledged 5/5 Stars!