The Ouija Experiment

The Ouija Experiment

(2011) 92min

Okay, so I know you are prolly thinking that this is the big lack-luster movie put out by Hollywood in 2014, well surprisingly this movie was made before the Hollywood one. This movie……this movie…….Guys…..I know I have cut down some movies in my reviews, but this will most likely be the worst one yet; so I don’t bore you, I’ll make it short and quick for you.

Basically this movie centers around a group of friends who play with a Ouija board and open doors to the other side. They screw up some things and leave doors opened that should have been closed.

FFW: This movie is in the genre of found footage due to it being done with a hand held camera. That’s really all it is. To be honest, this is one movie that isn’t fully “found footage”. What do I mean? Well, it goes to  back story on some of the ghost and it is filmed outside the first person view. It totally defeats what they were trying to go for, the writers could have come up with something a little bit more original.

FT: Guys, this movie is absolute rubbish. The acting is so horrific, it will make you want to slap the person who got the movie for you . It defies the perfect example of how found footage movies are not to be made. Be sure, if you decide to watch this movie, that I am giving it the lowest rating I can give any movie. Case in point – This Movie Shouldn’t Have Been Made…I am not being too hard on this one, if you look online with the reviews of other people who love the genre, they all agree with me With all that being said, I give this movie a rating of -5/5 Stars. That’s right, a negative 5, you didn’t misread it.