Willow Creek

Willow Creek

(2014) 80min

Awhile ago, I was told about a “Big Foot” monster movie that was found footage. And my only response to this was, “Did Eduardo Sanchez make a sequel to Exisits?”, sadly no, but they did tell me it was a movie written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. This is a “Big Foot” movie that I am assuming, Bob thought would be his breakout hit into the horror genre. Don’t get me wrong, Bobcat is one hell of an actor, but making a found footage movie based on bigfoot has been done and if it doesn’t match up to Mr. Sanchez’s version, then you might not even attempt it.

The movie centers on the young couple Jim and Kelly, who are filming a documentary of the famous Doctor Wallace, who filmed the very first footage of the conspiracy known as, BIG FOOT. Throughout the movie there is a love that is seen by all and is adorable. At one point Jim proposes to Kelly, his love for her is a love that most would want in their relationship. The movie has it’s protagonist and it’s antagonists, which usually is the scruffy old man in the woods that has an attitude. With the build up of suspense, the ending is anything less than surprising.

FFW: This movie is found footage due to the footage of their little excavation being found. Like other movies in the genre, this one does not say why the footage is being shown to the public, nor does it say who found it.  At some points in the movie you see that the sound is kind of off, which gives it the full aspect of “found footage”.

FT: Now me being a fan of found footage, I am supposed to accept this movie for what it is, well , I can’t. Why? Because it seems as though they tried a little too hard with it. Don’t get me wrong, Bobcat is an awesome writer and an amazing director, but this movie just fails on a lot of levels. I seriously prefer this movie over, “THE ZOMBINATOR”, but still, this movie didn’t come across to me like most creature features do. I am a fan of creature features, and in fact within the last year, I bought over $200 worth of creature feature movies. That’s a little off topic, but this movie was trying to be something that it’s not.  The only good thing about this movie is the acting. The actors in this movie did what they had to, they accomplished the idea of them being scared. Unfortunately, I am giving this movie a 1/5 Stars, because the acting is on point.